By The Numbers - A Look Back At 2017

Each year, there are some children that need a voice and 2017 was no exception.
Although the struggle in these children lives are real we are so pleased we made a difference.


• New children - 162
• Closed children - 109
• Children with a volunteer – 74
• Children start of 2017 – 379
• Children end of 2017 - 541

During 2017, 165 new children were placed into our program. The children are placed into our program when DCS (Department of Child Services) receives a report of abuse or neglect. Once DCS investigates the report the case is presented to the Judge. After the Judge hears the case he decides if the case is a CHINS (Child in Need of Services) case.

We saw 109 children successful reunified, adopted, or guardianship granted. No matter which placement is reached when a case closes a child knows they won’t have to worry about being moved. The feeling of finally have a permanent place to call home is a wonderful feeling for these children. It is a rewarding time for the volunteer too. They get to see that their voice in the court room made a difference for these children. Knowing these children are safe, healthy, and happy thanks to the volunteers is what makes this program such a success.

Our volunteers were the voice for 74 children. Having a volunteering on a case really does make a difference. When one of our volunteers is assigned a case, they become the constant for that child. The child knows that our volunteer will be there every month to visit, will listen to what he/she has to say, and will make sure that the judge knows what is going on with the child and that the child is receiving proper care. Want to be the voice of a child? Volunteer!