Job Description for Volunteer Child Advocate

Thank you for taking a look at the job desciption for a Volutneer Child Advocate.

To give you an idea of the commitment you're making, you'll spend around 15 hours in the beginning of a case and 8-10 hours per month on an ongoing basis.


Volunteer Child Advocate (also known as a Guardian Ad Litem )
Dearborn-Ohio County Child Advocates (DOCCA)

REPORTS TO: Executive Director - Dearborn-Ohio County Child Advocates

PURPOSE OF POSITION: The volunteer is responsible for reporting to the Court and:


1. Pre-Training

2. Training Requirements

3. Volunteer Work

* Complete an intensive independent investigation of the court-ordered cases by the doing the following: 

4. Represent the Child in Various Settings

5. Other Miscellaneous Duties

6. Other Concepts that the volunteer advocate must Include

7. Record Keeping

The advocate will maintain the appropriate records of cases.
* A case record will include, but not be limited to the following:

* These records will kept up to date with current contact entries; progress notes; DCS reports and volunteer advocate court reports. Any correspondence, notes, in-person, or telephone contacts will be of factual and pertinent information. At the dismissal of the case by the Court, the volunteer will return to the DOCCA office all files, reports, notes, etc. pertaining to the case. The volunteer’s files will be placed with the office in a locked archives storage file.