Meet Our Executive Director

Katrina McIntosh is very passionate, driven, and dedicated. She is supportive of the volunteers and goes above and beyond to show her appreciation. 


katrinaHow did you or what interested you to get involved with Dearborn-Ohio County Child Advocate program?

I became interested when I was asked by Judge Humphrey if I would consider becoming a part of the program in 2005.  I took the training and became a volunteer in March 2006.  I loved it!  Then in 2008, Judge Humphrey asked me who I thought would be a good director and, of course, I said “ME!”  So I took over the job and have been director ever since.

What do you wish other people know about the program? 

It can be demanding.  It is sometimes thankless.  It is frustrating at times.  It is ALWAYS rewarding to know you have helped a child without a voice find a safe, permanent home.  You will meet people you probably would have never met.  You will meet children you will remember forever.

What are your personal hobbies & interests?

I enjoy crafts. I LOVE auctions and yard sales.  I love a good movie too.

Our program is lucky to have an executive director who is helpful, engaged, and always there.