Welcome To Our New Advocates

It takes a special person to volunteer and speak for the children in the courtroom.

We are very honored these wonderful individuals chose to speak for our children and were sworn-in to the Dearborn-Ohio County Child Advocate Program on April 3, 2018.

It is always a special moment watching someone get sworn-in and volunteer to serve the children.

We are thankful to add these ladies to be the voice of a child.

These volunteers have taken an oath to speak for the best interest of children in the system. Each year Dearborn-Ohio County Child Advocates will become involved in hundreds of children’s lives due to no fault of their own. These children need someone that will look out for them, listen to them, and speak in the courtroom for them. That is what our trained volunteers do! 

swearing in may 2018

Picture Left to Right: Bobbi Bauman, Kathy Dobbs, Judy Ryan, Katie Zeinner, Amanda Thompson, Becky Lackman, Jennifer Morton

Congratulations all!