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Child Visit Monitors

Responsibilities and Expectations

1. Sign Confidentiality Policy and Mandatory Reporting Policy.

2. If a current or former CASA, attend a brief CVM orientation which will not exceed an hour. For others it is preferred they attend the 30 hour CASA Training Course. A full day training for CVMs will be available if they are unable to participate in the regularly scheduled CASA Training Course.

3. Make monthly visits with Child (optimally for at least an hour). Agree to commit to making these visits until the CHINS case is closed or a CASA is assigned to provide full advocacy.

4. Fill out the Child Visitation Report with as much detail as possible and return it to the Program Manager by hard copy or email within 3 days.

5. Be available for follow up phone conversations or emails with Program Manager or Interns.

6. For higher risk cases when the CVM recommendations vastly differ from DCS, the child attends court and requests your presence, or if a placement change is requested, attendance at court hearings may be necessary.

7. Assist with transitioning the case to a CASA when one is assigned. This process may include a shared introductory visit with the child or children.