Child Visiting Monitors

What is a Child Visiting Monitor

A Child Visiting Monitor (CVM) is a trained volunteer who visits a child two times a month.  The CVM talks with the child (if applicable) and assesses what the child may need.  Following the visits, the CVM will complete a form and return it to the DOCCA office.  We will then write a report and present it to the court and all parties involved in the case.

This position requires 9 hours of training.  The potential CVM may take the entire 30 hours of training if they choose to do so.

If the CVM decides to become a fully trained volunteer, that opportunity can become a reality.

A CVM does is not required to attend court hearings or visit with the Department of Child Services (DCS).  (Please keep in mind that if the need should arise, attendance at a court hearing may be necessary.)